About us

It's always personal

The creation of Kim Morgan, one of the UK's first executive coaches, Barefoot Coaching has been at the forefront of the industry for over 25 years. We are experts in coaching and coach training for organisations and individuals operating at every level.

Barefoot Coaching pioneered the development of University approved coach education in the UK and we are as passionately committed to it today as we always have been. Our courses combine psychological depth, academic rigour and a highly practical focus to offer every delegate a memorable, relevant and highly-respected learning experience.

Each of our students, coaches and clients is unique. Our service is always personal.

We are happy to talk and to answer any questions you have as honestly and helpfully as we can. If we don’t know, we will do our best to find out! 


Barefoot Coaching is the creation of Kim Morgan, the owner and CEO of Barefoot Coaching. 

About the Barefoot Team

Barefoot Coaching has a diverse and talented team at its core, and it’s thanks to this dedicated team that the business has continued to grow and flourish whilst still maintaining the highest standards on all of our training courses. We are also proud to have worked with many high profile businesses delivering training and support to their teams.

Barefoot Coaching’s experienced and dedicated support team know everything there is to know about Barefoot, please contact us for more details or for an informal discussion. 



Alex Hall

PA to Kim Morgan

Jo Jones

Coaching Contracts & Events Coordinator

Lauren Mercer

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Christine Woodham

Digital Marketing Executive

Emma Baruah

Coaching Contracts & Events Administrator

Emma Griffiths

Student Support & Course Coordinator

The Barefoot alumni network

There are now thousands of Barefoot alumni coaching in all sorts of different ways. Many have stayed in touch with us and with each other over the years. Come to one of our CPD events or conferences and you will see what we mean. The Barefoot network is an instantly available and continuing source of support, referrals and introductions, information and inspiration for anyone who undertakes the PG Cert. 

If you are thinking about taking the PG Cert we are always happy to put you in touch with one of our alumni so that you can ask them about the course and about Barefoot.