Barefoot Guest Tutors

World-class guest tutors, acknowledged thought leaders in the world of coaching, contribute regularly to the Barefoot PG Cert. 

Nancy Kline

President of Time to Think

Nancy Kline is President of Time To Think, an international leadership development and coaching company. She is also a published author, notably of ‘Time to Think’, and a well known public speaker. Nancy created and pioneered the development of the theory and process called The Thinking Environment ®.

Damian Hughes

Author of Liquid Thinking

Damian Hughes is a former football coach who worked for Bobby Charlton and Manchester United before working as a Human Resource Director for Unilever. His innovative and exciting approach has been praised by Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali, Jonny Wilkinson and Sir Alex Ferguson. Damian works as a trusted adviser to the business, education and sporting elite, specialising in the creation of high performing cultures. Damian is the author of Liquid Thinking, Liquid Leadership, Survival Guide to Change and How to Change Absolutely Anything.

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