Bespoke designed in-house coach training programmes

Our in-house coach training programmes are designed to enable those with leadership and management responsibilities to apply coaching skills in their work.  We often deliver bespoke courses for our clients where we work to understand your agenda and design programmes to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  Our programmes are designed to deliver maximum impact in the most time-effective manner possible. In-house courses can be run for one day, two days or over several days spread over a longer period of time, depending on your organisational needs. 

Please contact us to find out more about coaching training programmes which are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Coaching at Work Programme

Barefoot delivers a three-day Coaching at Work in-house programme which offers a concise but intensive introduction to coaching, tailored to your business. The course provides an insight into the psychology and thinking which underpins coaching and plenty of experience of coaching in practice. The programme is designed to deliver maximum impact in the most time-effective manner possible.

Who is this training for?

Our in-house programme is designed to help those with leadership and managerial responsibilities to understand and have the flexibility to use coaching skills in their leadership behaviour, to enhance their own and their team’s capabilities and performance. The programme is designed to be beneficial for Team Leaders, HR professionals and Managers in any context, both those new to or established in a role.

What will this programme give you?

You will work with expert tutors. You will have the opportunity to learn quickly about the thinking and psychology that underpin coaching and will have the opportunity to practice coaching techniques. You will take away ideas, approaches and techniques which you will be able to use and apply immediately in the workplace or in coaching generally. 

Course Overview

The programme is delivered in two modules with a break between modules to practice and gain experience.

Module 1 - Run over two days, this introduces you to a number of fundamental coaching skills, tools and principles. 

Experience - After module one you are encouraged to put your learning into practice, experimenting within your own organisation.

Module 2 – Delivered six weeks after Module 1 over one day, Module 2 introduces some new ideas and tools and provides the opportunity for you to reflect on your learning and to further refine your  coaching skills.

Throughout both modules, you will learn about coaching not just from a theoretical perspective but also in practice. The programme includes many practice sessions, working with real coaching issues. Constructive and robust developmental feedback will be provided.


In-house delivery of Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching

We can also deliver our prestigious University-accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching, which will qualify those taking the course as Coaches.


​In-house delivery of Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching Supervision

​For those leaders and managers already practicing as in-house coaches, Barefoot also offers a University-accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching Supervision, enabling in-house coaches to offer expert supervision to other developing coaches.



“This is one of the best, most useful courses I have ever attended. The balance of teaching input to practical application was just right. Just enough ‘models’ to give you options, and enough practice to make you draw your own conclusion that it’s not the model that matters but the listening. It was particularly helpful to discuss coaching in the context of leadership as a whole.”

Rachel Chudley

Head of Housing Services at South Staffordshire Housing Association


"I recently attended the Coaching at Work program and I can honestly say it is one of the best courses I have attended and was great value for money. It was a perfect blend of theory, practical and also reflection time. The tutor, Simon was great, I was in awe of his depth of knowledge on the subject. He ensured everyone was included, he never rushed us and allowed everyone to enjoy the co-coaching which really helped to embed the training. I now use several of the tools and techniques he showed and they are working really well for me. The three days felt like a 'spa for the mind'."

Maria Peggs

Growth Specialist for SMEs, Vispera Limited


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