Team Coaching

Barefoot’s Team Coaching focuses not just on the individual but on the team and how individuals function within the team. It is a highly cost-effective way of enhancing team performance and development.

Team Coaching

Henry Ford knew a thing or two about teamwork:

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Barefoot team coaches bring high level facilitation skills and an understanding of group dynamics and organisational development to create a stimulating and potentially transformational team coaching experience.

They enable individuals to think and work better in the context of the task, the group and the organisation and to tackle the obstacles to peak performance.

What you get from Barefoot's Team Coaching

Team coaches with expertise and understanding of human behaviours and psychology, how organisations work and what drives business goals.

  • A true team coaching approach - experience, realism, pragmatism, honesty, equality and respect, with a robust mix of support and challenge
  • Ability to adapt the programme to the needs of the organisation and the group
  • Building on existing strengths and encouraging solution-focussed thinking
  • Fast-paced, time-efficient and energising
  • Plain talking – no “trainer-speak” or jargon
  • Agreed, achievable and measurable actions and outcomes


"Barefoot always deliver an excellent experience. They mix theory with practice and are at the forefront of coaching education. Their tutors are highly experienced and knowledgeable and come with a great generosity in sharing and supporting the learning of the delegates. The feedback we get from their work is always excellent. The delegates enjoy their learning, achieve their outcomes and leave challenged and changed in some way."

Navaz Dean, Senior Development Specialist, Boots

Please call us on 01332 863641 or get in touch via our contact form to discuss the team(s) you have in mind - we will be happy to discuss with you how our in-house team coaching can help you to achieve your business objectives.

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