We understand that choosing the right coach training course for you is an important and sometimes difficult decision. We know that undertaking a course of this kind is a substantial investment in every sense. We want to give you any help we can in choosing the right course for you.

Not necessarily.

Many of our delegates do not have a degree. Candidates without a degree may be able to be admitted to the course by Barefoot and the University of Chester on production of appropriate evidence demonstrating their capability to study at this level – this may be through discussion with Barefoot.

So please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not have a degree but do have significant professional experience and are interested in the course. We will be very happy to talk this through with you.

If you can’t make all of the dates of a particular course, we can usually work out a solution to enable you to complete the course.

We run multiple courses throughout the year in London and in the East Midlands so if you cannot make one or two dates we may be able to arrange for you to pick up on missed days at another time. It may also be possible for us to arrange for you to complete the modules in a different order.

Barefoot was one of the first coach training organisations to have a coaching course accredited at postgraduate level by a university.

The Barefoot PG Cert is accredited by the University of Chester. University accreditation is universally recognised, understood and valued as a hallmark of quality and attainment. The course is also fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation as an Accredited Coach Training Programme.

Once you are enrolled on the course you can apply to become a member of the ICF.

Undertaking the course is approved by the ICF as constituting 162 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.

Once you have completed the course and have completed the ICF’s required number of coaching hours you may apply to the ICF to be credentialed as an ICF Certified Coach.

Our courses are also endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists. Delegates undertaking the Barefoot Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching may apply separately for membership of the NCP. Membership of the NCP entitles you to use the letters MNCP after your name.

Delegates on our courses come from a variety of different backgrounds and go on to use the qualification in many different ways.

Some delegates are sponsored by their organisations to undertake the course and go back into their organisation to contribute to the establishment or development of a coaching culture, train other employees in coaching skills, coach individuals within the organisation or simply incorporate coaching into their management style. Others are already self-employed consultants, coaches, psychologists, HR or Learning and Development professionals looking to add coaching and a recognised coaching qualification to their skillset and their portfolio of services.

Some delegates are investing in themselves and embarking on a new career path and may go on to set up in business as a self-employed executive, business or personal coach. We have delegates from many professions such as education, law, medicine and social services who want to enhance their CVs with a university qualification in coaching and also bring coaching skills and approaches into their work with clients or patients. Many board-level directors realise that coaching skills can enhance their performance and their leadership style and embark on the course for this reason. Some delegates attend the course purely for personal development reasons.

Once you have successfully completed the Barefoot PG Cert you will have 60 CATS points at postgraduate level. You have a couple of options if you wish to develop your qualifications further.

You can go on to complete a full M.A. with the University of Chester.

The University of Chester will work with you individually to create your own learning pathway to a full Masters in Coaching. You would not be required to attend any more taught modules but would continue your studies independently, with the support of designated tutors from the University of Chester.

This approach enables you to determine the specific focus of your M.A. studies. Many Barefoot alumni have gone on to achieve full M.A. qualifications in coaching in this way. Alternatively you can apply the 60 CATS points towards a taught Masters-level program in coaching at another UK university.

The great majority of our delegates pay for the course themselves or are sponsored by their employer.

Some delegates obtain funding through specific funding sources – for example the Barefoot PG Cert is approved by ELCAS, which may provide funding to members of the armed forces. All we can suggest is that you research whether there are any funding opportunities relevant to you as occasionally pockets of funding may become available in different locations or through different schemes in place from time to time.

Our PG Cert courses are delivered in three four-day modules. Typically the three modules are a month or so apart. All modules are delivered by face-to-face learning. However, Barefoot also offers all delegates mentor support between modules.

When you are ready to work on your essays you will also be allocated a personal tutor who will work with you to provide formative assessment to assist you in completing your essays.

You will also be encouraged to join Barefoot alumni networks on Linked In, which are a valuable source of information and ideas and enable you to make contact with current and past delegates. Barefoot now offers a wealth of CPD events throughout the year and runs two larger-scale conferences each year.

All Barefoot CPD events and conferences are open to delegates on the PG Cert. Barefoot offers regular supervision sessions in a number of locations, where you can join an expert supervisor and a number of other Barefoot coaches for a half-day of supervision and professional development. Barefoot can also arrange for you to have individual supervision on an ongoing basis.

We run our courses throughout the year at our offices in the East Midlands and at conference facilities in hotels in central London (currently the K-West in Shepherds Bush and the Pestana at Chelsea Bridge Wharf).

No they are not.

Each day runs from 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. We have negotiated rates at local hotels and B & Bs and we send out information regarding accommodation in our joining packs. It is always worth checking whether you can get a better rate for accommodation through one of the online booking services.

Many delegates have successfully completed the written work within 3-6 months of finishing the taught modules.

Please contact us and talk to us.

We aim to deal with all enquiries in a true coaching manner. We will listen to you and will answer your questions honestly. We believe that by providing you with information and sharing our coaching approach with you, we will ensure that you are able to make a decision about what works for you.

Most importantly we don’t try to ‘sell’ to you. If we do not feel that the course is right for you e.g. because it won’t add much to what you already know, we will say so. It doesn’t make any sense to us to try to sign you up to something which will not give you what you are looking for.

Please do drop us an email through the website or at or pick up the phone - 01332 863641 - we will always be delighted to hear from you.

If you have any questions please call us on:
01332 863641

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