Choice Theory with John Perry - June 2022


This highly interactive workshop will provide an overview of William Glasser’s Choice Theory and of its practical application to Coaching Practice. 


Suitable for: 

Trainee and experienced coaches with an interest in adding Choice Theory Coaching to their Offering. 


Outline Content: 

  • The four psychological needs which, along with self-preservation, underpin all human motivation: Belonging, Power & Achievement, Fun & Enjoyment + Freedom & Independence. 

  • The WDEP Methodology for promoting client change: Wants, Doing, Evaluation + Planning. 

  • Helping clients to revise their ‘Quality Worlds’ (sometimes referred to as ‘mental picture-book albums’ of people/things which they believe to be need-fulfilling) 


By the end of the workshop, delegates will:  

  • Be able to incorporate Choice Theory perspectives and techniques within their coaching practice. 

  • Have learned about the Choice Theory conceptualization of ‘Total Behaviour’ -ie.  behaviour involving Actions, Thoughts, Feelings and Physiology. 

  • Have practiced applying the WDEP methodology to coaching. 

  • Understand how to facilitate clients in conducting a searching evaluation of their over-all direction and purpose. 

Delivered by: John Perry  



Duration: 1x 4 hour online session

Cost: £150 +vat 


Please note:   

This short course is not a “train the trainer” course.  Our short courses generally provide introductions to complex and sometimes sensitive topics and the course and the materials provided are not designed to equip delegates to deliver training in these areas.   

The materials provided by Barefoot on this short course, such as any slides or notes, are Barefoot materials, designed for your personal use as a delegate on the course.  Please note that these materials should not be reproduced or distributed to third parties. 


​Session information

Time and Date

Thursday, June 23, 2022



Online - Zoom


Exc VAT: £150.00

Inc VAT: £180.00

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