Coaching to Promote Self-Worth & Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with John Perry - May 2022


Impostor Syndrome is the experience that many high-achieving people have of feeling a fraud, of not deserving their success, a fear of being ‘found out’, of not being as competent as other people think they are. It is characterized by chronic self-doubt, feeling phoney, attributing success to luck or other external factors, feeling unable to live up to expectations, etc. This interactive workshop will demonstrate strategies for Coaching clients to overcome Impostor Syndrome and replace it with a solid understanding of their own Self-Worth.


Suitable for:

Trainee and experienced coaches with an interest in adding Coaching to Promote Self-Worth and Overcome Impostor Syndrome to their offering.


Outline Content:

  • The crucial difference between Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
  • Helping clients to break the habit of constantly Assessing themselves and their Performance
  • Moving from Self-Reproach to Self-Acceptance


By the end of the workshop, delegates will:

  • Be able to Coach effectively to help clients to overcome Impostor Syndrome and promote Self-Worth
  • Have learned about the importance of helping clients to shift from a focus on Proving themselves to a focus on Valuing themselves
  • Have practiced Coaching from a position of Unconditional Self-Acceptance
  • Understand the ‘Law of Reverse Effect’ (the more we pursue contingent self-esteem, the more elusive it becomes) and the Myth of the ‘Optimized Self’


Delivered by: John Perry


Award-Winning Wellbeing Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Supervisor and BACP Registered Counsellor

John is a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton; and a Freelance Coach, Trainer & Wellbeing Consultant. He has a background in Teaching, Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy; and has particular interests in Psychological Resilience and in Coaching & Psychotherapy Integration. John holds four Masters degrees and over a dozen Professional Diplomas.


4 ICF CCE points will be awarded for attending this course. 

Duration: 1x 4-hour online session

Cost: £120 + VAT


Please note: 

This short course is not a “train the trainer” course.  Our short courses generally provide introductions to complex and sometimes sensitive topics and the course and the materials provided are not designed to equip delegates to deliver training in these areas. 

The materials provided by Barefoot on this short course, such as any slides or notes, are Barefoot materials, designed for your personal use as a delegate on the course.  Please note that these materials should not be reproduced or distributed to third parties.

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Time and Date

Monday, May 23, 2022



Online - Zoom


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Inc VAT: £144.00

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