How to Include and Empower Introverts & Quiet People - 17th-19th November

Why is quiet an inclusion issue?

Introversion affects 30-50% of the population. (Source: Susan Cain: Quiet)

A significant additional proportion are quiet/do not engage for other reasons (e.g. processing or hearing impairments, personal circumstances, health, trauma etc.)

There is a strong cultural bias towards extroverts

We therefore need to think about value lost through this missing element of engagement

Overview: How can you work effectively with this diversity of thinking?
This course is designed to explore issues around quietness in the workplace, how quieter people can contribute more fully, and how leaders, coaches and facilitators can effectively enable this change. It explores the many reasons that people are quiet, or become quiet, in life and at work. The course is primarily aimed at coaches, facilitators and team leaders – and the introverts and quiet people amongst them.

At the end of the course delegates will:

Understand all the reasons for quietness - not just introversion, shyness and lack of confidence.

Understand the cultural bias towards introverts and how to counteract it

Learn how and why introverts process information differently

Understand how simple changes can radically improve engagement with quieter people

Access techniques that both managers and quiet people can use to improve interaction across the board


Outline Content:

Definitions, ideas and theories

How to increase inclusion

Introduction to the science of Quietness/ Introversion

The benefits of working differently

Why quiet people don’t speak up

Strategies for leaders and managers

How workplace culture affects this

Strategies for Quiet People

Delegates will receive notes, links and worksheets.


Delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions:

17th November - 09:30-12:30

19th November - 09:30-12:30


Delivered by: Pete Mosley
Pete Mosley is the author/publisher of The Art of Shouting Quietly and designer of The Confidence Toolkit. He’s a Barefoot associate, a PG Cert. ICF credentialled PCC coach and his work features regularly on Psychologies Magazine’s Life Labs platform.

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Time and Date

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Online - Zoom


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