How to Write and Publish your Book - October 2021

Pete will lead you along the timeline from your first hazy idea to published book, making sure you understand the process and are a position to make the most of each step in terms of producing the best possible book, testing impact and building an audience along the way.  He will also explore options for funding your publication.  Pete’s crowdfunding campaign for Shouting Quietly fully funded the editing, proofreading, publishing, printing and distribution – whilst getting pre-sales in 15 countries – and enthusiastic testimonials before the book had even been printed - plus a number of prominent bloggers and podcasters eager to help promote it.  It’s all about meticulous forward planning – you’ll learn exactly how.


Delivered by Pete Mosley who is the author/publisher of The Art of Shouting Quietly and designer of The Confidence Toolkit.  He’s a Barefoot associate, a PG Cert. ICF credentialled PCC coach, was Business Editor of craft&design magazine for 7 years, and his work features regularly on Psychologies Magazine’s Life Labs platform.


2 x 3 hour sessions – 4th October – part 1 and 7th October – part 2

Timings: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Cost: £120 + vat


Suitable for:

Anyone who is considering writing and publishing a non-fiction book – or who has got one in draft and wants to move it forward to completion.  This course will help you get motivated by breaking the process down into achievable chunks and helping you fully understand just how much a book can do for your business.


Outline Content:

  • What you will gain from writing your book
  • The stages of writing – step by step
  • Getting over writing blocks, tips to stay engaged and excited
  • The stages of publishing – Traditional vs self-publishing
  • Useful authoring tools
  • The Kindle option
  • ISBN, Book registration and Amazon
  • Working with designers & printers
  • How to build a team of beta readers
  • How to crowdfund a book


By the end of the workshop, delegates will:
• Be clear about the benefits of writing their own book.
• Have learned about all the critical stages of writing and publishing
• Understand which parts of the process need support from other professionals
• Know the benefits of both self and mainstream publishing
• Have identified the full range of income earning opportunities a book can create


Delegates will receive digital notes, links and digital worksheets.

​Session information

Time and Date

Monday, October 4, 2021



Online - Zoom


Exc VAT: £120.00

Inc VAT: £144.00

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