Jackee Holder - Write Yourself Well - Creative Therapeutic Writing In Coaching & Coaching Supervision

The session will engage you in a series of creative reflective writing exercises as a way of exploring personal and professional issues and themes that stem from coaching and supervision using writing and self-reflection.

The session will include writing as a grounding practice, writing to bring 'Self' into the coaching and supervision space and a series of creative writing to explore 'possibilities', 'potential' and different 'perspectives' that emerge from journaling and therapeutic creative writing.

The day is interactive with mindful space to write and reflect and to put to the test a series of curated writing exercises. You will discover a range of ways to apply creative writing exercises in novel and innovative ways in your work with coaching clients, in your own reflective practice as coaches, coach supervisors and for individuals and teams working in the helping professions.

The day will inspire you to:

  • Learn creative ways of writing past your inner critic
  • Practise writing ideas to kick start writing projects for publication and shifting personal perspectives
  • Engage you in creative writing techniques for solution finding and generating self-awareness
  • Explore visual journaling and using images and pictures for journaling and self-exploration
  • Discover journaling techniques designed to promote inner well-being and resourcefulness
  • How to find a corner of creative space in a busy day
  • Play with writing practices which help you find your flow and purpose
  • Generate innovative and dynamic content for social media and blog posts through the practice of 'Wild Writing'
  • Try out creative writing practices that offer supportive ways of managing emotional and psychological well-being

The session will be experiential, creative and self-reflective and will include group processes as well as individual writing and reflective time. Come willing with an open heart and a curious mind and the expectation surprise at what might emerge from the writing process.

A series of useful articles and links will be sent out after the session.

In preparation for our day

Please come prepared with two or three issues to explore in person from your work and personal life. We will create a confidential and safe space in which to contain the day.

Please bring a notebook and pen as your writing instruments for your day.

About Jackee Holder

Jackee describes herself as 'Urban Forester.' A keen walker and explorer around London town where she was born and currently resides. Jackee uses the inspirations from her early morning walks across the capital and her writing jaunts on paper as a backdrop to the fertile space she explores and discovers in her journals and her notebooks.

As a keen journal writer for over thirty years she holds a deep appreciation and understanding of how the art and craft of journaling builds clarity and emotional resilience and enhances mental health and emotional well-being.

Listen to Jackee being interviewed by Kim Morgan from Barefoot Coaching here

​Session information

Time and Date

Thursday, September 24, 2020

09:00 - 17:00


K West Hotel and Spa, Richmond Way, London, W14 0AX


Exc VAT: £250.00

Inc VAT: £300.00

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