John Perry - Stress Awareness

This session, will be run by John Perry, a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton; and a Freelance Coach, Trainer & Wellbeing Consultant.

The purpose of the session is:

·         To demonstrate the importance of identifying and managing blocks to resilience, to effective coaching practise.

·         To introduce participants to the 3 Dimensional approach and to the practise of 3 Dimensional Stress Management.

·         To illustrate the distinction between Survival Mode and Competency Mode; and the importance of working in Competency Mode.

·         To distinguish between positive stress (eustress) and negative stress (distress); and to equip participants with the skills to minimise the latter.


No prior knowledge of Psychology, Wellbeing, Resilience or Stress Management is assumed, and delegates will receive notes on the subject on the day. 

​Session information

Time and Date

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

09:00 - 17:00


K West Hotel and Spa, Richmond Way, London, W14 0AX


Exc VAT: £250.00

Inc VAT: £300.00

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