Leader as Coach with Diane Hanna

Now more than ever leaders must engage with their team to understand and support them in this VUCA world. This modular programme builds your skills as a leader into the psychology of coaching and how to effectively choose this style to maximise performance, develop and grow your talent.This programme is most effective when run as a series of workshops but can be run as separate sessions if there is a specific need. Our approach in this programme is to utilise a balance of theory and practice and the style of delivery is pragmatic in terms of what works with teams going through change, there is an emphasis on practice with feedback to build coaching skills.

Delivered by Diane Hanna

Diane is a trusted and certified coach & coach supervisor who has spent the last 15 years working as a coach and coach supervisor, she is qualified at postgraduate level in coaching and coaching supervision, is an accredited mentor coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF PCC) and offers a breadth and depth of coaching, supervision skills & approaches  as well as a deep psychological understanding of people.

As an experienced leadership coach Diane has extensive expertise in the psychological aspects of coaching and works with clients in a way that is right for them to enable change and transformation.


Cost: £450 + vat

Timings: 4 x 180 (3 hrs) minute Online Session


Suitable for:

The programme is suitable for internal groups of leaders, senior teams, line managers and team leaders who want to develop their leadership skills or support a coaching culture in their business.


Outline Content:


  • Why coaching works – the psychology behind it, the impact of stress on the brain & performance (Module 1)
  • The impact of line managers on engagement and climate & the positive effect of a coaching style (Module 1)
  • Understand your preferred leadership style, when and where to use a coaching approach (Module 1)
  • How to create a thinking environment & to listen effectively (Module 2)
  • The power of coaching questions (Module 2)
  • The psychology of change and motivation – what supports it and what inhibits it, resistance to change (Module 3)
  • Understanding how beliefs and values drive behaviours (Module 3)
  • Working with obstacles and resistance (Module 4)
  • Giving constructive feedback (Module 4)


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