Open Group Supervision - London - May 2020

In open group supervision, you will meet and work with a different group of coaches each time.

This form of supervision will suit coaches who want to be able to access supervision from time to time when they feel they need it, when they can make the time for it, or when they feel it might be most useful.  Open group supervision offers the opportunity to meet and work with different supervisees each session, sharing ideas and best practice. 

This is an ideal form of supervision for coaches who are new to coaching and who have not yet built up a heavy client caseload, or for coaches who have not yet accessed supervision and would like to experience it.  Open group supervision is perhaps less challenging than working in a closed group, offers plenty of variety and the opportunity to share good practice with a number of other coaches. It is a lively and often inspiring process.

This open group supervision session will be run by Lucy Hare. Lucy is a coach, supervisor, trainer and musician. She has been part of the core team at Barefoot for five years, supporting and training delegates on our Postgraduate Certificate programmes.

"Lucy is a skilled supervisor who combines an open friendly manner with a professional approach that skilfully challenges participants to think differently about issues and situations. She demonstrates superb insight and is careful to accommodate the needs of all the participants.” Beverley Landais, Business Coach

"...we all brought a very wide spectrum of issues coaches may face these days, from business development to specific case studies. During that session Lucy managed to tackle all of them skilfully, paying attention to details and our personal progress." Tatiana Gniffke, Personal and Business Coach

​Session information

Time and Date

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

13.30 - 16.30


K West Hotel and Spa, Richmond Way, London, W14 0AX


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Inc VAT: £120.00

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