From Transactional to Transformational Coaching - 3rd November


“You can only give away what you already have”

Syd Banks


If you’re a Barefoot coach, chances are you’ve experienced transformational experiences for yourself. When we’ve had personal experiences like that we want to give that to our clients too – and yet we keep finding ourselves at a transactional level of coaching, knowing more is available but not quite able to access it. Or not as reliably as we’d like.

In this session I introduce you to the reliable source of transformation and the mechanism of the mind that limits it.

The more we see this mechanism for ourselves in our own lives, the more we embody that innate knowing – this goes beyond holding beliefs about it – and we naturally show up in a way that enables transformation in the other.


Suitable for:

This session is for you if you’re curious and open-minded and you want to reliably shift from transactional into transformational coaching.


Outline Content:

  1. An introduction to the reliable mechanism of the mind – the essence of Buddhism and all spiritual traditions
  2. The misunderstanding of what suffering is here to tell us
  3. How seeing who we really are, before thought, awakens us to innate brilliance
  4. What gets in the way – even when we think we’re sitting with unconditional positive regard
  5. The reliable guidance mechanism to what’s going on


By the end of the workshop, delegates will:

  • Be able to recognise when they are out of connection with innate brilliance
  • Have learned about the natural mechanism of the mind
  • Have practiced experiencing the expansive space of who we really are
  • Understand the nature of transformation and what supports it


Delivered by: Helen Amery

ICF PCC, Postgrad Business & Personal Coaching


My first major transformation (OK, second after having kids!) occurred when I had a hip replacement in 2013, this is what spurred me into coaching. It began with transactional-level coaching but I soon realised there was more and so I did my Barefoot qualification, left corporate life and started my own business in 2014.

As you’d expect, many more transformations occurred during my Barefoot journey which was the foundation to my work for almost 5 years. And still I felt more was available. Through my yoga classes I began to get curious about Buddhism – which seemed to be like Barefoot Coaching Beliefs on steroids! Since then I’ve been studying the essence of spirituality, awakening and enlightenment alongside the science, which seems to be confirming everything the East have known for millennia.

There have been numerous transformations, enlightenings and awakening during this exploration and one of the most recent has been disidentifying with the label ‘executive coach’ – a realisation which came to light in the development of my new website when the term ‘life coach’ made perfect sense as an SEO phrase – a phrase which previously seemed like it had to be resisted!

In our confusion that these labels say something about who we are we limit our own brilliance. The work I do now reconnects people to that innate brilliance that they already are – the source of transformation.

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Time and Date

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

10:00 - 12:00


Online - Zoom


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