Working with and Coaching Neurodivergent Clients - May 2021

In this interactive session, you will think about a spectrum of differences.  You will develop your understanding and awareness of Neurodiversity and ways of supporting Neurodivergent clients.  Suitable for coaches, managers and leaders of teams. 



Develop awareness of Neurodiversity

Share experiences of working with and coaching Neurodivergent clients

Consider strategies for success


Suitable for:


People leading teams


Outline Content:

Developing awareness and understanding of Neurodiversity.

Share experiences of working with and coaching Neurodivergent clients.

Thinking and communication.

Sharing lived experiences.

Consider strategies for success and next steps.


By the end of the workshop, delegates will:

Be able to recognise strategies for coaching and working with Neurodivergent clients.

Have learned more about the spectrum of Neurodiversity.

Have practiced strength-based coaching.

Understand strategies that support.


Delivered by:

Jasmine Miller

MRes, MA E-Inclusion, Learning Disability and Technology, BEd, ACC, EMCC



2 x 2 hour sessions 

18th May - 10:00-12:00

21st May - 10:00-12:00



£150.00 + VAT

​Session information

Time and Date

Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Online - Zoom


Exc VAT: £150.00

Inc VAT: £180.00

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