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Online Coaching for Loss, Change, Uncertainty and Grief (For Coaches) - 22nd July

Change is an inevitable part of life and over the course of a lifetime, we and our clients will probably experience several significant life transitions.  Some of these will be initiated and planned for and others will be totally unplanned. Some of these will be welcome and others unwelcome. The workshop will draw on psychological models and literature to share some models and techniques which coaches can use to help clients manage the big and small (and inevitable changes) which life throws at us. Our tutors for these sessions are:

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Leader as Coach with Diane Hanna

Now more than ever leaders must engage with their team to understand and support them in this VUCA world. This modular programme builds your skills as a leader into the psychology of coaching and how to effectively choose this style to maximise performance, develop and grow your talent.This programme is most effective when run as a series of workshops but can be run as separate sessions if there is a specific need.

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Building a Coaching Business

A group coaching programme which will focus on the practical and psychological aspects of building a coaching business. Suitable for new and new-ish coaches who are new to self-employment and who are looking for motivation, inspiration and practical support to think about their business plans with other coaches who are all in the same position.     Delivered by: Kim Morgan, MCC, CEO & Founder of Barefoot Coaching Ltd

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Enabling Change - 29th July

As coaches we work at a change level every time we are with clients, whether it is transformational or not depends on our skilful intervention. This session explores the multiple levels of change, the levers for change & effective models that coaches can use overtly or covertly with clients to support them in their self-awareness journey  and to build a more empowering reality.   Delivered by: Diane Hanna

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Supervision Skills - 29th July & 12th August

We have noticed an upsurge in the demand for supervision for coaches. Supervision of coach practice is vital to ensure the quality of coaching in organisations & for clients and that coaches themselves are their best self in their coach practice. These sessions introduce experienced coaches to the role of supervision and the supervisor so that you can build these skills into your practice.   Delivered by Diane Hanna

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Masterclass: Group Coaching for Coaches - 4th & 7th August

Group Coaching is an exciting and significant growth area within the coaching profession.  It provides a wonderful opportunity for people in similar situations to be coached together and learn together in a safe and confidential group environment.  Group coaching can provide significant opportunities for coaches to expand their offering beyond 1:1 coaching.   Delivered by: Kim Morgan, MCC, CEO & Founder of Barefoot Coaching Ltd

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Online Supervision 4th August 2020

Supervision is a time and space to reflect on your coaching work.  Supervision enables you to gain objectivity and perspective on your coaching, particularly in complex or difficult situations, or where coaching work is triggering your own 'hot spots'. It will also provide support and guidance to you in dealing with ethical issues and adhering to best practice.

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Cognitive Behavioural Psychology for Coaches - 11th & 18th August

Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches are particularly useful for challenging unhelpful beliefs and assumptions, negative patterns of thinking and behaving and for introducing coping skills for dealing with specific situations. You will be awarded 6 ICF CCE points for attending this event.    Our tutors for these sessions are:

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Women's Development Programme

This programme is a great opportunity for women to spend time thinking about themselves and what they want from life and work and to work with other women who are there for the same reasons. The programme consists of 5 x 4-hour workshops, with an interval of a few weeks between each workshop and each programme can accommodate up to 24 women. Working with other participants is a key element of the programme, enabling women to extend their existing network.   Delivered by: Jo Jones, Lead In-house Coach at Barefoot Coaching

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Contracting, Ethics & Boundaries - 12th August

Clients boundaries have been blurred across home, family and personal identity, the whole person is arriving into the coaching space more than ever. As coaches we may welcome this holistic sense of self but there are boundary, ethics & contracting issues at play for us as coaches and our clients and the rules of engagement are changing. We have experienced an increased demand in coaching supervision  around boundaries & ethics in the recent past during and post COVID 19, particularly around self-care and compassion.   Delivered by Diane Hanna

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