5 ways to know you’re part of a successful team

24 Sep 2015

Great teams are key to business success. However not all teams manage to merge their talents and create something greater than the sum of their parts.

Here are 5 sure signs that you’re part of a productive, energetic and successful team:

  1. You communicate with one another openly and honestly.
    This means that you are just as comfortable praising and appreciating one another as you are engaging in healthy challenge and feedback. The air never needs to be cleared in your team because it is happening all the time in an environment of honest and direct communication between team members.
  2. You listen to one another – really listen.
    This means you have meetings where every team member is given designated time to speak without interruption while the rest of you listen with interest. You work in an environment of "ask" not "tell" and use coaching questions to encourage one another to come up with your own solutions.
  3. You have clarity.
    You share a common purpose and clearly understood goals and vision which you all work towards in ways which play to your strengths.  There is clarity about your roles and responsibilities.
  4. Team members use solution-focused thinking when faced with a challenge.
    You draw on past successes and learn from what didn’t work but avoid historical, problem-focused thinking, such as "we tried that in 2007 and it didn’t work then so why should it work now?"
  5. You have a shared focus on excellent delivery and service. You celebrate your successes together, you enjoy working together and you keep learning and developing together. It feels good to be in this team!

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