The Barefoot Coaching Cards App

07 Jun 2021

We have launched our very own Coaching Cards App! 

This has been on the cards (no pun intended) for a while now and something we have been busy working on behind the scenes. The Barefoot App, available on the Apple App Store, will give you instant access to lots of powerful coaching questions - all in your pocket – perfect for sharing in person or via online group chat with your family and friends, and with colleagues and clients during coaching sessions or meetings. You can share any of the cards on most social media apps, messaging providers, email services and even Microsoft Teams.

All of your favourite packs are available to download including our Picture Coaching Cards, Coaching Cards for Every Day and Coaching Cards for Teams. You’ll also find links to our latest courses and Barefoot news on the App as well as a daily motivational quote.

The App also allows you to create your own bespoke pack of Barefoot Coaching Cards from a variety of different packs that you can save and refer back to at a future date or when working with coaching clients.
Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for App-exclusive packs too… Did someone say Picture Cards Volume II? 

This App is a completely new initiative for Barefoot and we would welcome your thoughts and feedback. If there is anything in particular that you really love about it, simply drop us an email at

You’ll still be able to buy the physical packs of cards, but we feel this is a positive step towards making Barefoot Coaching more environmentally sustainable.

The App is currently only available on the Apple App Store, but for those of you using an Android device, a version of the App will be available to you as soon as possible.

Please note, the App is free to download from the App Store, but there are in-app purchases.
We hope you enjoy using the App and don’t forget to leave us a review on the App Store! 

Download on the App Store