Business & Executive coaching

02 Dec 2013

Working as a coach in business and executive coaching is a highly skilled and increasingly competitive role and requires demonstration of the following competencies:

Psychological Mindedness

  • A  thorough understanding of  a number psychological frameworks which underpin a coaching approach
  • An appreciation  that the personal and professional are inextricably linked and understanding that an attempt to separate them is unrealistic
  • An ability to understand the conscious and unconscious motivations of others and the effect on their thoughts and behaviours
  • An ability to make links between different domains of a person’s experience
  • An ability to build an account of a person’s history and its emotional meanings
  • Self-awareness  and an ability to identify when the coach’s own personal ‘hot spots’ are being triggered in a coaching session

Business Mindedness

  • Ability to read the organisational context for a piece of coaching – spoken and unspoken agendas
  • An awareness of other coaching interventions used within the organisation and a willingness to knowledge share with other coaching providers, if appropriate
  • A discernment of the nature of a client’s key work relationships 
  • Understanding of how a business is structured and the nature of its key roles
  • Understanding of how a business makes money, understanding of its products and services, its markets and competition, its financial performance and potential for growth
  • Understanding of and comfort with business terminology used by the client/organisation
  • An ability to manage the coaching contract, specifying and managing boundaries
  • Confidence to embrace and manage the tension between organisational and personal goals
  • Effective communication with the organisation in terms of contractual arrangements, evaluation, return on investment and insights

Coaching Credibility

  • Academic coaching qualification
  • Professional coaching qualification
  • Commitment to regular CPD
  • Membership of a professional coaching body
  • Evidence of regular coaching supervision
  • Track record of coaching in other organisations
  • Testimonials available for clients on request

Some of the opportunities which exist for Business and Executive Coaches include the following:

  • One to one high performance coaching
  • Coaching to support promotion or new role
  • Coaching delegates on graduate, management development, leadership development schemes
  • First 100 days in Post coaching
  • It’s lonely at the top –  reflective space or sounding board for Senior Board members
  • Coaching for specific projects
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Maternity Coaching
  • Coaching Senior Female Leaders
  • Team Coaching 
  • Coaching skills for Managers or Leaders

Oh – and the final and most important thing – you’ve got to love doing this work and be passionately interested in your clients.

To train to as a Business or Executive coach please take a look at our coach training courses.

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