Coaching supervision: the best, most tailored CPD you will ever get

17 Nov 2020

Coaching supervision has a few different functions, but one of the very best is that it helps you to develop your practice in the way you actually want it to. 


As a professional coach, you have to undertake a certain amount of CPD every year in order to keep up your accreditation. So, you might pop along to a couple of conferences, or maybe a training session on a topic in which you have a specific interest. These will, undoubtedly, be marvellous. However, training and talks have a limit. They will cover a subject and do a wonderful job of it, but you might not be able to apply the knowledge straight away, or it might not be exactly relevant to the clients you have at that time. 


Now, compare that to supervision. In supervision, you get to bring specific questions you have about coaching, or specific clients that you are currently working with, and get advice, input, challenging questions, suggestions and ideas, all from someone who knows their stuff. Not only that, but you get to go away and try some things out, before coming back next time, saying what you have done and how it went and being able to build on it even more. 


In supervision there is also space to get specific feedback on parts of your coaching practice. Maybe you want to get better at working with perfectionism and you need some steer on this, maybe you have noticed that with certain clients you find it harder to really challenge and you hold yourself back and you want to work on that. Whatever it is, you can actually play this out with your supervisor and practice new approaches or interventions before you go and try them out.  


You can literally make it what you need it to be. Is that not the most useful thing in the history of the world? All that, and you actually get to count it towards your Continuous Coach Development hours as well. 



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