Continuous Professional Development for Coaches

16 Sep 2016

We know how much coaches love learning and developing their coaching knowledge and also continuing to increase their personal effectiveness and self-awareness.  Training to be a coach and then working in the coaching profession opens all sorts of door to new models and approaches in psychology, leadership and people development. 

We often hear coaches exclaim “There are so many things to learn.  Do I need to also train in NLP, counselling, neuroscience, mindfulness, Gestalt techniques, psychometrics?  What techniques do I use with someone who is bereaved or someone who has really low self-esteem?”

If you find yourself asking these questions, we have good news for you! We have put together a series of valuable monthly CPD workshops covering a variety of topics from Understanding Addiction to NLP in Coaching and Coaching for Parents.

Book a place on the October CPD session on 'Working with Loss' now or view our full CPD offering here. All sessions can be booked by emailing too.

As well as learning and developing your coaching knowledge, Barefoot Coaching has always promoted and championed the importance of coaching supervision.  We believe passionately that regular supervision is essential to the work of professional coaches. 

We are now delighted to offer supervision sessions in four different formats to suit your particular needs:

Open group supervision

In open group supervision you will meet and work with a different group of coaches each time.

This form of supervision will suit coaches who want to be able to access supervision from time to time, when they feel they need it, when they can make the time for it, or when they feel it might be most useful.  Open group supervision offers the opportunity to meet and work with different supervisees each session, sharing ideas and best practice. 

This is an ideal form of supervision for coaches who are new to coaching and who have not yet built up a heavy client caseload, or for coaches who have not yet accessed supervision and would like to experience it.  Open group supervision is perhaps less challenging than working in a closed group, offers plenty of variety and the opportunity to share good practice with a number of other coaches. It is a lively and often inspiring process.

Open group supervision sessions run in both London and the East Midlands.

Closed group supervision

The same group of supervisees will regularly attend a series of regular supervision sessions.

This will suit coaches who can commit to regular attendance at supervision.  It is particularly suitable for experienced coaches who already have a significant caseload and who wish to have the opportunity to share issues of interest or concern and reflect regularly on their practice with the same group of coaches.

Working in a closed supervision group allows coaches the opportunity to learn and develop together.  Supervision in this context will often include an extra “layer” of attention to the team dynamic, which can offer coaches additional opportunities for reflection and insight.

Online/Skype supervision

We know that geography, time and cost of travel to supervision can mean that attendance at our face to face supervision sessions is not possible for all coaches. So we offer the convenience of supervision through the medium of Skype. 

Our next Skype supervision sessions will take place on 26th September and 17th October. 

1:1 Supervision

Barefoot is able to match you with an individual supervisor ideally suited to your requirements, whatever stage you are at on your coaching journey. 1:1 supervision can be face to face, or can also be offered by Skype or telephone. Kim Morgan has some limited availability for 1:1 supervision. 

Email the Barefoot office on for more information on all of our supervision formats or to book your place on any of the sessions mentioned above.