Get Professionally Fit for 2017

15 Dec 2016

Sabrina Cox, one of our Barefoot Tutors, Coach and all round super sportswoman talks here about the power of coaching for good and bad and how her experiences have informed her journey towards fitness and how she'll be leading our CPD Workshop in January on weight loss and fitness.

'I began to enter serious distance sports around the same time that I trained as a coach. Looking back, I can easily spot the link. Through coaching I began to understand my drivers, I learnt how to work towards a goal and, (and this one still challenges me on occasion), how to overcome any blocks. I think it’s important to note here that all of this didn’t come from my initial training, but through further study, continued professional development and reflection.  None of us are the finished article and what I feel has benefited my clients is sharing my experience of overcoming obstacles.

One of my toughest personal moments came when training for an Ironman triathlon.  A friend bought me a session with a swim coach as a Christmas gift. Thinking of this person as a ‘coach’, (and working for Barefoot), meant I made certain assumptions about the way they would work.  Having gone into the session happy with my swimming style, but hoping to pick up a few tips the swim coach destroyed my confidence almost instantly with the line, “Well firstly we need to work on your arm movements, but your legs are all over the place!”.  I am not sure how I got through the rest of the session but by the time I got in my car to head home I planned on withdrawing from the Ironman event.  What turned it around was the coaching I received.  In my CPD session I will share ways of working with fitness goals and what tools and techniques got me over the finish line. To date I have now completed 3 Ironman events, 1 marathon and 19 half marathons …now all I need to do is get my ‘Going to Excess’ trait a bit more under control!'

​​Sabrina will be leading a Continuing Professional Development workshop on Weight Loss and Fitness Coaching in the East Midlands on 17th January. This three hour CPD session will enable the attendee to confidently coach those with weight loss and fitness goals by ensuring their toolkit is up to date. For more details and to book click here.