Kim Morgan, CEO of Barefoot Coaching Becomes New Ambassador For Women's Work Derbyshire

03 Nov 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Barefoot Coaching CEO, Kim Morgan is now an ambassador for local charity, Women’s Work Derbyshire.

In her new position, she will help to promote the award-winning charity’s work among disadvantaged and vulnerable women and children in Derbyshire.

Kim is absolutely delighted to be an ambassador for Women’s Work and here is what she had to say about her new role, “I feel very honoured to be an Ambassador for Women’s Work Derbyshire.  The important and valuable work they do is very close to my heart. Both my professional and life experiences have shown me that, with the right support, women can make a huge difference to their lives.”

Women's Work Derbyshire provides holistic and intensive support, information, and advice to women with varied and complex needs. Click here or visit their Facebook page to find out more about Women’s Work Derbyshire and the amazing work they do.