Spring clean your life

20 Mar 2014

In the 1930s, 40s and 50s people would traditionally undertake a Spring Clean of their homes around this time of year. This was prompted by the return of the sunshine throwing light on the dust and debris in the house, with a great sense of starting anew and getting rid of all the junk and baggage of the last year.

What a good idea to revisit this tradition – not only in our homes, but in our lives. Very often, when we become tired or negative or lacking in enthusiasm, can spill over into everything around us.

We neglect our home, our health, our appearance, our relationships and careers.  We can feel sluggish after a winter of dark nights, slouching in front of the TV, eating too much “comfort” food and hiding under big baggy clothes.  

The emergence of daffodils, tulips, snowdrops and spring sunshine gives us a sense of excitement and the impetus to feel better and our energy levels begin to soar. So why not seize the advent of Spring to make some really positive changes.  

Start by having a good look at your life and identifying the areas where you need to Spring Clean: 

Health and fitness

Physical appearance – clothes, hair, grooming 

Living space





Start on the area which is easiest for you to tackle. If it is your home, just a weekend’s concentrated effort can make a transformation. Think about de-junking as much as possible.  Learn to let go of unwanted possessions. (In doing this, you might learn to let go of unwanted feelings, too.)  

A good rule is if you regularly use or appreciate an item in your home – keep it.  If not, de-junk and free up some space.  You will feel positively energised by going to the local tip and watching those old, unwanted items disappear in the crusher.  As you wave goodbye to them, imagine that all your old negative patterns of behaviour and thinking have disappeared with them, too.

Review the way you eat, sleep, exercise and relax.  Make some realistic goals to ensure that you create a routine which looks after your body.  Let go of all the old habits and foods which clutter up your body.

Keep auditing other areas of your life – your wardrobe, your work, your relationships. Apply the same rules as spring-cleaning the house. If you still use and appreciate it – keep it.

There is no time like the present to make a clean sweep. Are you still hanging on to people or possessions or behaviours that you really don't need?   Just remember, by freeing up space in our lives, we have the space for new experiences and opportunities.  Our minds are like computers and we only have a certain amount of storage space.  From time to time we need to delete some files to make some space for new, exciting programmes.