20 Apr 2016

Sabrina Cox has galvanised the Barefoot team to take part in this year's London Moon Walk. She writes about why this event is so close to our hearts.

This Saturday 14th May a team from Barefoot Coaching will walk 15 miles for Walk the Walk as part of the London Moon Walk.  Walk the Walk is a grant making charity that distributes the money it raises to fund research into breast cancer and works to improve the quality of life for those going through cancer now.

When we first discussed signing up, most likely over a glass of prosecco, I was keen to rally the team.  Having completed 10 half marathons, one marathon, and both a half and full ironman, it would be fair to describe me as a bit of an exercise addict!

It might seem extreme to some, but to me it feels like a great way to keep fit, healthy and motivated. These achievements didn't come easily and the training for each event took hard work, discipline and often a good amount of self coaching to get me over the line. (Thank goodness I am a trained coach!)

But I know I have another reason for doing all that I do. Eight years ago I lost my dad to cancer.  He was healthy himself and it happened all too quickly. Now every day he inspires me to push myself, to dare to try something that others might fear. A few blisters can’t come close to what he went through.

Friends and colleagues of Barefoot Coaching will know I am not the only member of our team with a personal story to tell about cancer.  Those of you who have experienced a loss yourself will know that you never really ‘get over it’ and that time doesn't really heal all the wounds.

What I have learned is that we owe it to the people we have lost, and to the ones who are still here, fighting, to be bold and fearless and to inspire others to do the same.  There are many jokes being made in the office about me running on ahead and having breakfast waiting for the group but for me this walk still provides a challenge.  I am usually in bed by 10pm!   How will I manage to stay awake?! And then there is the small matter of doing the walk in a bra…!

Since signing up we have all started tracking our steps and getting out of the office for a lunchtime walk and we feel great for it.  For some team members it will be the furthest they have ever walked at any one time and I will be so proud to see them cross the finish line.

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We will be live tweeting our Moon Walk so follow us @BarefootCoaches for updates and photos from 8pm on Saturday 14 May.