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NLP - how it was I got to the root of the issue

Yesterday I was working with a client, and at the end of the session he asked me how it was I got to the root of his issue - "I thought I was choosing my words very carefully, but you have picked up on things I haven’t spoken about for 20 years. How did you do that?"

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The behavioural and motivational aspects of objective setting

I’ve been reflecting recently on the behavioural and motivational aspects of objective setting in organisations – the mechanism by which a leader and team member derive personal, developmental or task objectives - and how executive coaches might help leaders reflect on the leadership behaviours to adopt through such a process.  

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The lessons from losing weight for enabling change in clients

I’ve recently lost some weight – around a third of my old body weight has gone so it’s a reasonably significant amount.  I’ve tried losing weight for a few years but not got past the few pounds mark (then rebound).  And before that I had a long history of significant “yoyo dieting”.  This time though it felt so easy, both to lose and keep it...

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Coaching at Work road-tests Coaching Card for Managers

Coaching at Work road-tests Barefoot Coaching's Coaching Cards for Managers in the latest CAW Magazine: 1 The tool What is it?

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Family Dynamics and Coaching

As the Christmas holidays approach, many of us will be spending time with family members.  How many of us find ourselves reverting to redundant patterns of behaviour with our extended family or feeling as if family members have old, outdated perceptions of us? To understand this better, we can learn from one of the founding fathers of...

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