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Blog from a Rebel Monk – Happiness in Bite Sized Pieces

With my background in Buddhist meditation and training as a coach I am often asked The Big Questions of Life – particularly about how to be happy and cultivate a good mental state. I am always happy to share friendly thoughts on such subjects as best I can and this blog is one of those friendly times.

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How to survive and thrive as a coach

Mike Findlay’s review of ‘The Coach’s Survival Guide’ by Kim Morgan  

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It’s Conference, Jim, but not as we know it.

Rebecca Winn, ACC on the UK ICF Conference 2020   The world was a different place when I booked my ticket in early March.   2020 was to be my first time at the UK ICF Conference. My diary had never cooperated in previous years, so this was going to be something completely new.  

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The Joys of Working From Home

The Joys of Working From Home - By Christine Woodham   

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A collection of thoughts and words on: staying with the not knowing, dancing in the moment, having a beginner’s mind and on kindness…

Over the last few days, amid such unprecedented and sudden change, I have found comfort and inspiration in the wise words of a random selection of people. I hope the quotes below are all genuine. If they are not, I apologise for the misattribution but in the end, I don’t think it matters if the messages resonate with you.

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