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Confessions of a supervisor in training!

As a member of the 2020 cohort on the Barefoot run PG Cert in Coaching Supervision, we started in typical fashion by analysing what we all understood by the term supervision.  Easy you might say… it’s where a coach takes ‘stuff’ they’re finding challenging & the supervisor helps them think it through… isn’t it?

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Coaching supervision: the best, most tailored CPD you will ever get

Coaching supervision has a few different functions, but one of the very best is that it helps you to develop your practice in the way you actually want it to.   

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Kim Morgan, CEO of Barefoot Coaching Becomes New Ambassador For Women's Work Derbyshire

We are very pleased to announce that Barefoot Coaching CEO, Kim Morgan is now an ambassador for local charity, Women’s Work Derbyshire. In her new position, she will help to promote the award-winning charity’s work among disadvantaged and vulnerable women and children in Derbyshire.

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Men and Impostor Syndrome – Acknowledge it and Then Embrace it!

My husband and I were out on a walk recently and he asked what was on my mind.  I’ve recently become self-employed and at the beginning I was buzzing but, as a little time has passed, I’ve become more introspective.  I started talking then he interrupted and said “It’s self-doubt talking, you think you aren’t good enough, you shouldn’t be doing...

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Three Ways to Challenge the Impostor Within

Hello, I am an impostor My name is Gemma and I am an impostor. There. I said it. My impostor tells me I shouldn’t admit this out loud and that if I say it then I will look even more like a fraud.

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