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AICTP Journal Interview with Kim Morgan

Kim Morgan, Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching, shares her passion for integrated practice in an interview with Eleonora Rudolf of the AICTP Journal.   What was it that attracted you to train as a therapist and later as a coach?

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10 reasons to get a coach in 2017

Kim Morgan, Master Certified Coach and Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching, outlines 10 good reasons why everyone should be coached in 2017.

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Get Professionally Fit for 2017

Sabrina Cox, one of our Barefoot Tutors, Coach and all round super sportswoman talks here about the power of coaching for good and bad and how her experiences have informed her journey towards fitness and how she'll be leading our CPD Workshop in January on weight loss and fitness.

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Discussing the Power of Positivity and Every Day Coaching with Kim Morgan


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The Psychology of Leadership

Most leadership experts now agree that leaders and managers need to learn more about psychology. It is usual for people to be  promoted to leadership roles because they are technically good at what they do and not because they are experts in human behaviour and motivation.

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