Barefoot’s coaching cards give you great coaching questions in the palm of your hand. There will be a pack – or packs! – for you. If you would like to order 20 or more packs, please contact us directly.

Kim’s 2015 book The Coach’s Casebook has been an instant best-seller – just read the reviews to see why.

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Business Owner cards

Fifty-two questions designed for business owners, managers and directors. Great for use in planning and review sessions, these cards are a quick and effective way to work on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business.  An essential tool for coaches to use with business clients or for reflection on your own coaching practice.

Picture Coaching Cards

High quality photographic Picture Cards for use by coaches, managers, teams or teachers. 

The images work at a metaphorical level, making it easy for clients to talk about what is really on their mind, accessing both thoughts and feelings. The pack includes a number of suggested ways to use the cards.

Coaching Cards for Teams

Fifty tried and tested coaching questions to stimulate conversation, improve team relationships and create more effective team working. Any manager, team leader, trainer or coach will want to have these cards in their toolkit. The cards form the basis of highly effective small group or whole group activities or can be used as ice-breakers or to introduce variety and interest when working with a team.

Coaching Cards for Managers

Fifty-two professional coaching questions to encourage a coaching style of management, helping improve communications and the effectiveness of the working environment. Use them yourself or to enable employees at all levels to ask one another good coaching questions.

Coaching Cards for Supervision

These cards are designed specifically for coach supervisors working with coaches individually or in groups, or for peer coaching supervision sessions. The questions encourage reflection on coaching practice from a variety of perspectives.

Financial Coaching Cards

Question cards for use by coaches, individuals and financial advisers to enable empowering coaching conversations about attitudes to money and financial planning.

The Coach's Casebook

Kim Morgan’s best-selling book, The Coach’s Casebook, includes many ideas and insights derived from Kim Morgan’s experience as Managing Director of Barefoot and her many years working at the top of her profession as a coach and trainer of coaches. 

Co-authored with Geoff Watts, the Coach’s Casebook is a different type of coaching book. Kim Morgan says “It’s a real fly-on-the-wall account of the coaching relationship in practice. If you’ve never had coaching, this will give you a better understanding of the process and you will probably learn something about yourself as well. There is also plenty in the book for experienced coaches”

The Casebook focuses on twelve traits which every coach will face in their coaching work. These are behavioural traits which you will recognise in others and may well recognise in yourself - traits such as people pleasing, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, performance anxiety and procrastination.

Each chapter follows a skilled coach working with a client who is grappling with one of these twelve traits. The coach shares their emotions, their thought processes and their reflections as they try to understand the psychological origins of these behaviours and to work out how to help their client.

The Coach's Casebook also includes inspirational insights from individuals who have triumphed over such traits and have succeeded in all walks of life - figures such as Arctic explorer Pen Hadow. Alec Stewart and Lewis Moody from the world of sport and Greg Dyke from the world of business,

The Casebook is designed above all to be of practical help to coaches in their work. You will find dozens of practical, tried and tested techniques. You can use this book today to help your clients to change the habits of a lifetime.

“Reading this book is like being a coach, a client, a supervisor, a student of coaching, and in relationship with all of those people all at once! It also achieves that remarkable thing, and rare, of being both friendly and rigorous, gentle and challenging, calm and pacey. Its ingenious structure provides an instantly digestible feast of learning. It is a triumph!”

Nancy Kline, author of Time to Think

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